Yoosung Mystic Messenger: University Student

Everything You Need to Know About Yoosung Mystic Messenger: University Student

Yoosung mystic messenger is one of the characters of the game that you’ll come across in Casual Story. He is a college student in the sophomore year. He spends most of his time playing LOLOL, which results in him ignoring his studies and wasting time. Yoosung being Rikas cousin, feels extremely upset when she dies and can’t bring himself to accept this terrible fact.

Personality traits

Yoosung is an innocent, lovable, and gullible person. He tends to believe people very easily and he is often referred to as being like a real puppy because of his extremely friendly nature.

Though Yoosung is a very lively and delightful person, he fell into great depression after the death of his cousin and ideal Rika. After her demise, yoosung stopped giving time to his studies at all, and to cope with this great loss he finds solace in playing LOLOL.

He is extremely over possessive when it comes to attachment with MC. He asks the player to just text or call him and not others and he doesn’t want to share her at all. This shows he is kind of aggressive and insecure by nature.

Yoosung Mystic Messenger: University StudentAppearance

His height is about 171cm (5’7”). He looks younger than rest of the main characters. He has bleached brownish hair which are rather long and he keeps them from falling into his eye with clips in the shape of X. He has violet eyes and prefers blue colour in most of his outfits.

An interesting fact about his hair is they were actually of dark brown colour, but he changed them to blonde, apparently to attract girls. Other reason might be to look more like his ideal Rika. His most clothes are juvenile and youthful.


History and Background

Yoosung had a typical childhood with his father, mother and sister by his side. He met his adoptive cousin Rika when he was about 6 years old, and on his mother’s command he had to spend his most time with her, and he enjoyed it too.

He soon became a huge fan and admirer of Rika. It was fascinating to him, how she could bring happiness wherever she goes. To him it was like magic how she turns everyone she meets into her friend. Yoosung mystic messenger was close to Rika and thus it opened his door to RFA and he got to know the other members through her.

He took Rika’s every advice into account, he applied to Sky University and wanted to be a vet all because of Rika. She had an extremely positive impact on his life and growth as a person. She always pushed him to be better. Rika’s death fell very hard on him and it became very much impossible for him to accept that she had gone and it took him a long time to adjust to this reality. He found the game LOLOL and it gave him an escape from that truth. He began to spend all his time playing  this game, not giving value to his studies at all.

Relationships with other Mystic messenger Characters


Of all the RFA members Yoosung mystic messenger, and 707 are the closest.

707 often pranks him and yoosung being a naive person tends to fall into all of his harmless pranks. Despite these jokes 707 cares deeply about yoosung and both are always looking out for each other.

Yoosung asks 707 to help him save MC, and takes him to the Mint Eye. Where he loses his one eye rescuing 707.

They also work together to expose glam and sarah who were trying to marry chairman han and jumin for the sake of money.


Yoosung was particularly close to Rika then any other member. She was her cousin and her ideal. He always saw her as a mentor and a lot of his life decisions like, university choice and taking part in extracurricular stuff and charities were based on her advices. He was devastated upon her death and couldn’t cope with it for a long time.

In some routes, despite the clear evidence that Rika committed some bad things, yoosung doesn’t believes any of it and supports Rika. Which clearly shows how much he trusts and admires her.


He was on good terms with V before her cousins’ death, but after that he becomes hateful towards him as he thinks V was the one responsible for her death. V cared for Yoosung a lot despite his treatment, though he knew rika was mentally stable, V hides this from yoosung to spare him the pain. After Rikas death V was also there for yoosung’s graduation ceremony.


Zen thinks of him as a brother and cares for him a lot. He often tells him to care for his health and play less games. He also loves to annoy him by doing little irritable things. In any bad situation Yoosung turns to Zen who comforts him and tries to make him feel better. He was also there during Yoosungs graduation.


Jaeehe and Yoosung have this cute brother and sister kind of relation. She always tries to keep him away from games and advises him to focus on his studies and health. Yoosung also respects her and thinks of him as his older sister.


Though Yoosung is a bit intimidated by Jumin’s wealth and looks, and they aren’t very close, still they seem to care for each other nonetheless. He always looks up to jumin in times of crisis and jumin also doesn’t disappoint him.

Jumin seems to think that Yoosung has a great potential in him and he also offered him a place in his company based on his talents. Jumin at one point also helps yoosung by calling his mother to which he later says thank You to jumin.

Main Character/Player

Yoosung mystic messenger has a crush on the main character in all routes, and even though the player doesn’t peruse it, he still cares for and looks out for her.

Out of all members Yoosung calls and texts the main character the most. And in his route, they start their relationship very soon. Since Yoosung has this obsessive nature he doesn’t like to share her with anyone. He often compares her with Rika and tries to remember her through MC. Depending on the main characters choice, she and Yoosung can die in a rescue event or get together in the end.

His Mother

Yoosung has a rather positive and typical relationship with his mother. However, it deteriorates after Rika’s death and when he leaves for college.

Though he wasn’t very happy with his mom visiting him, but later when jumin calls his mother and tells her about his issues, she visits him and helps him get his life on track. And Yoosung also admits that he missed her mother. When his mother got really sick, he promised to visit her more often than before.

This is all about Yoosung mystic messenger route and character walk thorugh. Stay tuned for more.


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