V Mystic Messenger: Special and Hidden Person

V Mystic Messenger: Special and Hidden Person

Jihyun Kim, otherwise known as V is the side character in Deep and Casual Story, however he is one of the main characters in Another Story. This story came out in September 8, 2017 first for the android and after that for IOS users.

He is currently the head of RFA, but he can’t give it much time due to his photography and eyesight issues. He was committed to Rika and when she dies, it took a great toll on him. Though He was heartbroken, he did not show it to others.

V mystic messenger and Seven coordinate and manage many RFA affairs and sometimes keep things secret from RFA members. Jumin and V are also Childhood friends who spent a lot of time together growing up.

Character Personality

V is a considerate person who respects boundaries of others and he too doesn’t like to share everything about himself with others. He doesn’t like to show off and has a bit shy nature. Even Jumin said that V would never host the part ever again if even one person goes against it, it shows he don’t people to think bad for him and wants to please them.

V’s loyalty is especially remarkable. Even though Rika was toxic and abusive to him due to her delusional nature, he still loved her and stood by her side, he evens mentions that himself at one point.

V mystic messenger cared for his friend’s safety and wellbeing. He become a mole in the mint eye to protect them, risking his own life.

His current personality was not the same as was in his High School. He used to be serious and realistic towards life and pretty straightforward just like his father. He considered art and artists ridiculous because to him that was not much of an accomplishment. He thought only real financial and social accomplishments should be celebrated and praised.


V is lean, thin and smart looking guys. His eyes are greenish-blue and his hair are a little to the left covering slightly his one eye. His normal dress is a loose black shirt with grey pants and same coloured boots. Silver neckless is also on him all the time. He wears black glasses and seen often with a cane. The reason is as he was subjected to Rika’s physical and mental abuse, it did damage to his eyesight. He had to put eye lenses so that he could see better.

In one story he lost his eyesight complete as it was clear from the fact that his both eyes lost their greenish-blue colour.

During Another Story V mystic messenger has rather long hair and wear a brown coat underneath of which is dress shirt and slacks.

During his good ending, again his hair is short and his eyesight becomes clear after a successful surgery and he no longer wears lenses or sunglasses.

V Mystic Messenger: Special and Hidden Person

History and Background information

V belonged to a rich family. His parents were both strange, but were good artists. Nobody seems to know much about his past as he keeps things to himself and don’t want to share any of it. He had a close relation with Jumin, being neighbours and friends for over 20 years.

In Another story, it was brought to light that V’s parents get divorced and V doesn’t get to see hiss mother a lot. Jumin however, convinced him to see her often and spend time with her. His mother saw his potential as an artist and even send one of his works into a competition without telling V, this led to a fight between the two. Thy had their ups and downs but it was his, who sacrificed herself, saving him from the fire. He regretted his actions for the rest of his life and missed his mother.

How was V Relationship with Other Characters?


V mystic messenger and jaehee have mutual respect for one another. She admires V’s photography and he praises her Hardworking nature. Jaehee thinks of him as a role model and true leader. She even mentions it on V’s funeral.

Jaehee works her very hard along with seven to save V and to bring down Rika and Mint eye. She cares for his health deeply after hearing about him being injured by Rika.


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Seven, V and Rika knew each other as they went to the same church when

They were young. RFA members believed that V shared everything with seven but in fact they were wrong. V did not tell him anything going on between rika and saeren, how she brainwashed saern into joining mint Eye. V cared for seven as his son and did so much to protect him from harm. Seven begin to distrust V regarding his brother and Rika, but after finding out Rika,s betrayal they work things out between themselves.


They had an amazing relationship going on before Rika started abusing him mentally and physically. Despite all this harm caused by her, V still loved her and tries his best to continue their relationship. Rika often used to torture him and once it got so bad that he almost lost his sight. This toxic relationship was too much for V but he still believed there was good in Rika so he stayed. After her death, V was truly upset but he knew the relationship was just toxic so he got better and moved on with the MC.


V really cared for yoosung even though he hated him and blamed him for the death of Rika. When seven and MC tell him that Rika was the one hurting V, he refuses to accept that and still blames V saying he was the one torturing Rika and she was never happy with V. But after finding out the reality he was pretty embarrassed and regrets saying Rika was unhappy with him. At the end he finally believes V and takes part in bringing Rika for the treatment.


Zen respects V and his leadership. Though he sometimes is not sure about some decisions made by V he still manages to understand them and defend V whenever needed. He is grateful to both V and Rika for introducing him to RFA and making friends there.

Rika’s actions were unbelievable for him but he never doubted V and stayed Loyal to him till the end.


Being neighbours and childhood friends, V and Jumin had a close bond and deep friendship. Jumin’s cat was also a gift from V and it was jumin who told V to view the world through his own eyes, instead of his father’s. Their friendship was so deep that even Rika and V being together didn’t change that at all.

At V’s funeral jumin expresses his sincere and deep fillings for V and only he he knew the truth about his death, he wanted V to be alive and be with him.


V really cares for MC and trusts his ability to handle RFA affairs. The don’t have much interactions but still V thinks high of her and believes in her to keep RFA safe and on its feet. He wanted to keep MC safe and even said he would even allow her to torture him instead of MC.

Depending on players choices they relationship grows but V tells her that he needs some time to forget about Rika and his past relationship. And after some time, he returns to MC, confessing his feelings for her and they continue their journey together.

This is all about V mystic messenger’s personality, appearance and his relations with other characters. Stay tuned for more such facts and information.

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