Unknown-Mystic Messenger Ray

Unknown-Mystic Messenger Ray – Complete Walk-through

Mystic Messenger Ray, otherwise known as saeran choi, is one of the main villains of mystic messenger game. He is the twin brother of seven and he belongs to the sinister organisation mint eye. Before his identity was exposed, his name was shown as three consecutive question marks. He is known as Ray in Another Story mode.


Saeren appears to be an innocent and loyal person who would do anything he thinks is right to make RFA better. He is particularly against 707 and V. Saeren was mad at seven for abandoning him and leaving him behind. His anger was so much that he wanted to took revenge on 707. He tried to hurt the player to make seven feel bad.

He is strongly affiliated to the evil company Mint Eye, but he didn’t do it entirely with his will. He was severely drugged and brainwashed and his views were deliberately altered towards Seven and V.

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In another story mode, Saeren is mainly focused on the MC, trying her to be a part of Mint Eye. He tried to manipulate her to get information and secrets of RFA. He is usually kind to the MC and loves gardening and knows about it a lot.

His split personality as Ray is revealed later. This new saeren is ruthless and aggressive. He tries to torture V and the player very bad and don’t feel anything wrong while doing that.

His two personalities i.e. Ray and Saeren are able to interact with each other and have different skills when it comes to hacking. Rays skills and moves are better and calculated. While Saeren is somewhat reckless in this stuff.

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Depending upon the choices and endings, saeren’s personalities can merge or he could be known by both names even after the end.

Physical features and appearance

Mystic messenger Ray has minty eyes and his hair are coloured white with pink tips which is believed to be the true colour of his har, not white.

His clothing comprises black leather jacket over a red tank top, black choker around his neck and a spiked neckless on his right arm as well. He has official mint eye tattoo on his one arm.

As ray, he mostly wears a magenta suit with blue rose pinned to label. His clothing changes with his personality, he also wears a black suit with silver chain.

Background Story

Seven and saeran were kids of an important politician and a toxic mother who earned big money from their father to keep them a secret from the world. She often used to abuse her children specially saeran as he was the most sensitive and weakest between the two of them. His dearet memories were eating ice cream and going out unnoticed and without her mother’s permission and seeing the skies with 707.

Seven vowed to work his ass of to free himself and his brother from their mother’s cruel hold. He learned hacking and got good at at. V saw his potential and offered him a cool job, but he wasn’t allowed to tell that to saeran for some reasons. Saeran was left behind and seven went on with V and Rika.

Rika approaches saeran and gives him material to learn hacking. Saeran. After that, is recruited by the mint eye. They reprgramme his thoughts and brainwash him thus subjecting him to fake believes against his brother seven.

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Relationships with other mystic messenger Characters


They had an unsual childhood growing up with their crazy and toxic mother.

Both kids had to suffer both physically and mentally by their own mother. That’s why seven promised saeran that he will get them both out of here as soon as possible. But he left with V and Rika to join RFA leaving Saeran behind, though he really didn’t want to leave saeran.

Mystic messenger ray was then recruited in mint eye, where he lost his feelings of love for his brother entirely due to severe brain washing. He was mad at 707 for leaving him and it got to that extent that he even tries to kill seven. In one ending they, both work on their differences and make up at the end.


Yoosung was subjected to great torture by saeran and he in fact was the one who almost blinded him by one eye. Saeran threatened him that he would destroy the RFA and use hacking to bring horror on them.

Main Character

In one route he manipulates MC into joining mint eye and spying on RFA and he seemed to not hesitate even killing her.

In Another Story mode, he treats her nicely and even develops feelings for her. He becomes overly obsessed over her and wants her to stay with him at mint eye.


Saeran was under V and Rika’s protection when seven left without telling him anything. He was good to V and V also loved and cared for him. But after being a part of mint eye and being drugged and manipulated by Rika, he turns against V and considered him his enemy, which then lead to him shooting V during one ending.

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Zen saw in his psychic dream that Mystic messenger Ray was going to inflict harm upon RFA and MC. So, when those two meets, it obviously creates tension between them. Zen is particularly confused and disturbed when it comed to saeran.

In Zen’s route the MC turns against RFA and joins saeran for some reasons, saeran tries to recruit zen but he shows resistance, so saeran resorts to drugging zen as was did to him.

Mother Choi

Their relationship was nothing but terrible from the start. She constantly abused him physically and mentally. He was physically not very fit and got sick very easily, this too triggered his mother and she beat him for being weak. Her punishments included starving, dehydrating and tying him in her kitchen for hours.

She died for the reason what appears to be a suicide but there were hints that Rika and mint eye might be responsible for her death.

Saeran really hated her for being a crappy mother who kept him only to blackmail his husband to get money from him. Though he grew a little close to her when seven left, but it was never like a real mother and son thing.

This is all about Mystic messenger Ray route and story guide. Stay tuned for more stuff to come that’ll make your gameplay more fun and worth your time.


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