Titanium Backup Pro Apk

Being Open Source, android operating system gives you much more freedom and control than any other operating system. You can create your custom ROM, do complete system analysis and with a little effort, can get access to settings and services that are directly under the control of the Android OS developers.

But all of that comes with a cost. If you don’t know what you are doing when accessing the hidden features and settings of your android device, you may end up losing all your device data. Loss of Data can happen because of many other reasons as well for example malicious software or system errors.

So, you need a powerful way to recover from such fatal errors that cause you to lose your data. This is what Titanium Backup Pro is here for.


Titanium Backup Pro is a powerful data backup creating android application that allows you to save your current app state that you can restore later on whenever you want to. The most basic use of this app is for storing your contacts, messages and emails plus your Game progress for any particular android game.

More About Titanium Backup Pro:

Titanium backup Pro was developed by Titanium Track and quickly became a sensation for android users all over the world. This app would save all your app data that you can restore and use in the future, whenever you want to. This application first came up in 2013 and over the years, it has developed into a standard against which the android backup apps are now measures. It has great Backup/recovery and device management features.

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This app has a free version and a Pro version, both of which are available on Google Play Store.

Best Backup App for Rooted Devices:

If you want to make the most out of the features of this amazing android application, you need to root your device. This app is a must-have backup application for rooted android devices. With its clean user-interface along with the root access, this app gives you data backup and restore features that you won’t see in any other android application.

Note: Be careful when you root your android device because you’d end up losing your device warranty. Don’t root your android device unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing.

Titanium Backup Pro Features Overview:

Titanium Backup Pro has thousands of downloads on Google Play Store and is trusted by a Huge Community of android users all over the world. It offers a pretty amazing set of features that you won’t get with any other Android Backup/Restore Application

Let’s briefly review some of the features Titanium Backup Pro

  • Back up your Important App Data

This app backs up all your data to the local storage of your phone. From there, you can restore your app data whenever you want to. Titanium Backup Pro’s data backup features are thorough and powerful. With this app, users can backup data like calls, messages, WiFi Networks info, Bluetooth devices etc. When you need to do a hard reset of your android device, make sure to create a backup of everything first so that all your data may remain safe and secure.

  • Backup Complete App Data (SMS, Calls, Game Progress etc.)
  • Create Multiple Backups of a Single App
  • Store App+Data for your Games
  • Backup Apps without shutting them down
  • Clean System logs and Dalvik Cache
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  • Easy Data Recovery Process

Since this app allows you to backup individual apps or entire android system state, you can restore everything the way you want to as well. You can either go for Missing Apps Recovery, or All Apps Recovery options. You can also restore your entire System data in a simple and easy way. The Recovery software is quite efficient, so you don’t have to worry about your data getting corrupted or lost while recovery. Easy recovery feature of Titanium Backup pro make it stand out as compared with its competition.

  • Allows 0-Click Batch Restore
  • Restore Single App Data
  • Restore Complete Android System Data
  • Sync Backup to Drop Box
  • Sync Backup to Google Drive
  • Backup Protection against Accidental Delete


  • Data Transfer Features

This feature is one of the most impressive features of Titanium Backup pro. Just like copy paste operations in a windows-based operating system, you can create backup of your important app data from one device, move it over to another device and restore all of your data on that device. This is a powerful way of saving everything up that you can later use to any device that you want.

  • Store Backup to Local Storage
  • Sync Backups with DropBox or Google Drive
  • Restore all your data on another Device


  • Uninstall unnecessary Applications

Your android device comes up with applications that you might neve even use. It would be better for those applications to just be deleted or freeze so that you can free up previous device space. You can take care of that with Titanium Backup pro.

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Once you install this app on a rooted device, it shows you a list of all the installed applications along with options for deleting these applications. You don’t get the options to uninstall these apps by default.

How to download and Install the Titanium Backup Pro version for free?

If you are looking to download the Titanium Backup or version for free then you are at the right place. Follow the instructions below to get this app for absolutely free

  • Download the apk file from Here
  • Enable the Unknown Sources from your android’s security settings
  • Now navigate to the downloaded Titanium Backup Pro Apk file and install it
  • Open the app and Give it all the needed permissions
  • That’s it. Start creating backup of your important app data.

Wrapping Up:

Titanium Backup Pro is a must have android application for users looking to create backup of their important app data. From media to document files to game progress, this app can create backup of anything that is on your android device. You can restore your apps data on the same device or any other device later on in the future. Download this app right now and save your important apps data in a safe and secured way.

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