Snap VPN apk Download for PC

If you are looking for the most effective way of bypassing all the internet restrictions set up by your internet services provider (ISP) then you are at the right place. Snap VPN is a powerful vpn tool that allows you to connect to any website privately, and for absolutely free. This android vpn app sets up secure connections that offer you stable web surfing experience without any interruptions.

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Snap VPN has been rated the best VPN android application on all the “Review” platforms. It has a collective rating of about 8.8/10 which says a lot because most android software tools barely hit 8/10. With its easy to navigate user interface and its powerful VPN service, this app simply is your best solution for bypassing all Geo-Restrictions.

Being an android application, it is only available on Google Play Store and installs on android devices still, there are ways through which you can take advantage of this application on you PC as well.

More about Snap VPN apk for PC:

Snap VPN apk is an android virtual private network creating application that allows you to anonymously access the restricted web content. This VPN app is widely famous and has a huge user base thanks to its amazing VPN connections that don’t fluctuate unlike most VPN application. This app creates stable VPN connection through its hundreds of powerful VPN servers that enable you to surf the web the way you like.

The best part about this application is, your web surfing history is hidden from your ISP or traffic monitoring services. This gives you a private web surfing experience which saves you from hacking and phishing attempts as well.

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This application is absolutely free to use. There are no registration requirements or any hassle of authentication or hidden fees or charges. Simply just download the app on your Android Device or on PC via an android emulator and gain access to restricted content in a simple and powerful way.

The VPN connections created by Snap VPN for PC stay stable throughout the session. Even if for some reasons your connection gets disconnected, this features a powerful way of reconnecting you to a secure VPN network that doesn’t need you to go to the app over and over again and reestablish the connection. This app has Auto Connection feature that redirects your connection to a secure VPN server to give you a seamless web surfing experience.

This app can be installed on PCs as well. It offers great multi-platform support which allows you to take advantage of this application on android devices as well as windows-based PCs.

Features of Snap VPN apk for PC:

Let’s briefly review some of the most prominent features of Snap VPN apk for PC

  • Free VPN Service: Snap VPN apk is a totally free service that allows you to surf your favorite web content for absolutely free. There are no hidden charges for using this app whatsoever
  • Cross-Platform Support: Snap VPN apk offers great multi-platform support. You can use this app on Android as well as on windows. Although it would require you to download an android Emulator on your PC first if you want to use it on your PC. But that struggle is worth it for the benefits that you get with using this application.
  • No Registration Requirement: This app doesn’t ask you for any kind of registration or authentication. Just download the app and you are all set to go
  • Privacy Protection: This app keeps your search history safe from your ISP and Mobile Data provides so that you can have an entirely anonymous web searching experience
  • Network Traffic Monitoring: With its powerful Traffic Monitoring features, this app protects your WiFi connection from hackers and intruders.
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How to download Snap VPN apk on PC:

Since Snap VPN apk is an android application, you can’t directly use it on your PC. You’d need an android Emulator installed on your PC that would simulate and actual, physical android device.

An android Emulator is a Virtual android device that works just like an actual android phone or tablet. There are many options for Android Emulators that you can check out and most of them work the same way. Here, are going to learn about Snap Vpn apk installation on two most popular android emulators

  • Bluestacks
  • Nox App Player

Installation using Bluestacks:

  • Go to the developer’s website and Download Bluestacks from there
  • Install Bluestacks on your PC and Run it
  • Now you can either Add your Google account details and download the app from the Google Play Store of Android Emulator


  • You can go to the search options and search for the Snap VPN application
  • Install the app and you are good to go

Installation Using Nox Player:

  • Download and Install the Nox App Player on your PC
  • Run the Nox Android Emulator
  • Enter your Gmail account details
  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for Snap VPN
  • Install the application like you would on an android device
  • That’s all there is to it. Now you can use this application on your android emulator.

Snap VPN apk file Information:

File Name:                      Snap VPN apk

File Type:                        Virtual Private Network Creation App

File Size:                           9.7MB

Version:                            4.1

Developers:                     Lemon Clove

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OS Requirement:          Android 4.1 or above


Wrapping Up

Snap VPN apk is currently the highest rated android VPN application that you can find in the market. It gives an unparalleled quality of stable VPN connections that keep you connected to your favorite restricted websites. You can peacefully surf restricted web content without having to worry about your privacy. This app uses powerful VPN servers that make sure you stay as anonymous as possible.

This app is quite lightweight so there won’t be any performance issues on your android emulator as well. Simply just download the apk file and import it on your Android Emulator or use the above-mentioned methods to use Snap VPN apk on your PC.

Download Snap VPN apk on your PC right now and surf your favorite, restricted Web Content on your PC for free, without having to worry about the privacy risks.


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