Rika Mystic Messenger

Rika Mystic Messenger – Everything You Need to Know

Rika mystic messenger is the fiancé of V and the founder of RFA organisation. She has somewhat twisted personality. She is a rather secondary character in the game. Tragically enough, she dies at 18 months before the events in the game take place.

Personality Traits

Rika has a strong, caring, influencing and kind personality apparently. She wanted to help others, thus she created RFA and she was able to get so many people to join RFA because of her great people skills and attractive personality.

She had severe mental abnormality and illness of which not so many people were aware of. She was delusional and paranoid, which often lead to her doing things that were totally irrational and harmful to theirs specially V.

Her mental state grows worse day by day till she totally loses it and starts doing despicable things behind the facade that she is a saviour and wants to protect the people she loves, in her own way. This eventually leads to her inflicting harm upon others, even the people she apparently cared about a lot.

Rika Mystic Messenger


She was a gorgeous woman with lime-greenish eyes and forever smiling face. She has beautiful, long golden hair which transition to a lighter shade and a very gracefully smart body.

Her normal dress is a brown coloured dress which goes up to her knees and a cream coloured bow. When organising and hosting RFA events, she is seen wearing typical suit as well.

In Another story, she wears a black masquerade mask and a graceful halter top open chest Black dress.

In Mint eye she wears a magnificent long sleeve dress indicating her high rank and influence in the organisation.


Rika isn’t her real name its just an alias, her real name revealed to be Mina.

Initially the player doesn’t have much information about Rika. She died by drowning mysteriously and only V was the witness to that. There is certain secrecy about Rika in the RFA. This builds up many doubts in the mind of the player specially the fact that nobody found or saw her dead body and that no one but V can verify that she has died.

RFA was Rika’s creation and its members and charity events were the fruit of her efforts. The members respected here and were grateful to her for letting them be the part of such incredible thing. After her death the group chat of RFA becomes practically dead till the MC joins the chat.

She was an adopted child to Yoosung’s aunt and uncle. They couldn’t conceive due to certain complications. But they weren’t able to give her proper home and even her step mother said that she regretted adopting her.

She gets to know V in his gallery where she finds his certain art photos fascinating and V too notices here coming there a lot. He offers her that photograph for free, thus begins their friendship which then leads to a relationship.

After sometime Rika’s true self becomes clear. Her psychotic, abusive and paranoid nature comes to light which shocks V. Her mental state worsens when her dog Sally dies and she blames herself for that. V asks her to go and see a therapist and get some help. She starts the sessions but then stops after few weeks of the process.

V and Rika’s relation grows bad when she states she is going to save everyone in her own way no matter how cruel that is. She takes it upon herself to keep everyone from harm in her own ideology. She Builds mint eye and leaves RFA, which leads to series of fights between the two. This leads to Rika harming V physically and leaving him. V, protecting everyone, announces that Rika has died by drowning in front of him.

Relationships with other Mystic Messengers


Rika Mystic messenger and V had a loving and ideal relationship in the beginning. But it deteriorates after her mental illness becomes out of control and she hurts V to the point he nearly looses his sense of sight. She develops her false reality and ideology according to which V was the bad guy in the relationship.


Yoosung and Rika were cousins and were pretty close to eachother. They worked together in things like community services After her dog dies yoosung vows to become a vet. She was under care of yoosung after V died. Due to her twisted nature it was hinted that she didn’t really enjoyed changing herself into a kind and caring type, in front of Yoosung.

Jumin Han

Jumin loves and respects Rika to the core. He thinks that she is the only woman who was sincere to him and wanted him for himself and not his money. He, V and Rika all were very close and good friends. He thought of her as the most intelligent, real, and understanding person he ever had a chance to encounter.


Zen is a big fan and great admirer of Rika mystic messenger. In one of his psychic dreams he sees Rika being punished and interrogated, and since he didn’t have any idea about her bad actions and her mint eye organisation, he tried to convince yoosung to sent her for mental treatment in Alhska.


Rika mystic messenger found seven and his brother when they were very young. She saw how her mother poorly treated those kids and helped seven get away. She gave him a book on hacking and also helped him start a new life under name Luciel. She also “took care” of saeren till she broke up with V and then she tried to brainwash seven’s brother and recruited him in mint eye. It was also hinted that originally, she wanted to recruit 707 into mint eye.


Sally was her beloved pet dog, which was suffering from cataracts and needed surgery. Rika was careless about that and didn’t care much which lead to her dog’s death. Later on, Rika were truly heartbroken and felt a great deal of regret on her actions about her pet sally. This too was a catalyst in making her mental health worse as she blamed herself for that innocent dog’s death.

That is all about mystic messenger Rika character description and personality walk through. Stay connected for more stuff about this mystic messenger character.

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