Mystic Messenger Jumin Han: Goal Oriented Person

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han: Goal Oriented Person

Jumin Han character is available in deep story mood. He belongs to a rich family and is the heir of the C & R international company. Mystic messenger Jumin Han loves his cat Elizabeth the 3rd a lot and he is so obsessed with her that he is always going on about how cute and fascinating her pet cat is. He likes to keep boundaries and does not trust easily, specially women. Because of his father, as he was betrayed by many women who came to him just to mooch money from him.


Jumin is serious and quite mature guy, but at the same time interested in common slang and loves cats a lot. He often enjoys messing with Zen regarding his cat allergy. Due to his apparent lack of interest in women due to past experiences many believe that he was gay. Jumin is a work-oriented person and wants others to be the same. He doesn’t care for others opinions and does what he wants.

Jumin is kind of a loner due to his non trusting nature but later it was revealed that he is not so distant and cold as he wants others to see him as. He doesn’t care for relationships but low key likes Rika. But when she brings this up as a joke, he tells her to not make him feel umcomfourtable.


Jumin Han is a slim, tall guy whose height is 184cm (6’0’’) and weighs about 78kg (171.9 lb). He has sharp grey eyes and black hair and rather pale complexion.

His formal suit comprises a black vest, jacket, tie, and striped white shirt. In his pocket on the right side of the suit is a violet flower.

In the normal ending he is seen to wear the same clothes as he used to when he was the director of C&R. A white shirt with a tan sweater, blue jacket and black pants.

 Background and history

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han grew up in a rich household and thus has very different views about certain matters than others. He and zen often disagree on stuff due to their different conditions growing up. He is the most hard-working person of RFA even Jaehee admits that. Jumin has a nice relation with his father.

His father was sort of a lady’s man and Jumin has seen a lot of different woman in his life on and off. Chairman Han divorced Jmuin’s mother and married to another and again got a divorce. Glam choi is his father’s next wife to be at the start of the game.

Jumin has doubts about her because of her sketchy behaviour. He also fears for the future of the company as his father was more into women than running business.

There is also a mention of him being Christian in deep story mode.

Relations with other Mystic Messenger Characters

Main character

Relation of Mystic Messenger Jumin Han with the main character mainly depends on MCs responses. He is reluctant to the player first, but chooses to accept her because of his trust in V. He supports and gives advice to MC at every point. Since he was always far from women and attachments of such kind, so when he falls for the MC, it becomes very hard for him to handle and he becomes overprotective of her. Their relationship from here entirely depends on how the main character responds to him.

In the after ending it shows that they get married as Jumin doesn’t want to stay away from her any longer.


They are more like work friends then actual friends. He is often seen bossing her around and saying mean stuff. Elizabeth the 3rd is also under her watch whenever Jumin leaves country for business. Jaehee also desont care much for respecting Jumin. Though they have this weird relationship, jumin han trusts her a lot and asks her to do more then she is paid for including chores etc.


Jumin and Zen has a bit odd relationship. They are often seen arguing on simple of things. Mainly the reason is zen himself as whenever he sees jumin, it reminds him of his toxic brother. Though Jumin messes with him with his pet cat, he doesn’t personally hate him. Their further relation is affected by the players responses. They become close friends when Jumin helps zen in revealing the truth that he did not sexually assaulted Echo Girl and exposing her lie.


Jumin and V has been friends since childhood as they were also neigbhours as well. Jumin was the one who helped V in getting back with his mother and make up with her by listening her point of view.

It was V who gave Jumin the pet cat and also named her Elizabeth. V helps Jumin overcome his anxieties and insecurities about MC. He trusts V fully which is the reason he accepts the player in RFA when V asks for it. At V’s funeral he appears devastated and broken and says that it will be hard to forget that V has gone like that. He believes in and trusts V completely and they have a great friendship.


They aren’t that close friends but they watch out and care for one another.

Keeping an eye on Yoosung’s potential Jumin also offers him a place in his company before the death of Rika. Jumin also helps Yoosung by calling his mother as an act of kindness,to put Yoosungs life on track. Though this act leads to a backlash for Jumin, it proved to be a good thing latter on.


Jumin trusts 707 the same as he does V, despite the fact that 707 teases him big time relating his obsession with his pet cat and reluctance regarding women. His constant messing with juman and asking if he’s gay results in Juman leaving the group chat many times.


Though he is apparently mean to Rika but he respects her as a lot as a person. It feels like he has feelings for Rika but doesn’t want to admit that because whenever this is brought up he feels uncomfortable.

In V’s route when Jumin finds out she had stabbed V in anger, he becomes enraged and decides to make her pay for what she did to V. Despite all that Jumin gets heartbroken and upset on finding out that Rika is apparently dead.

Chairman Han

Mystic messenger jumin han has a healthy and good relationship with his father. Though he is against his father for being so vulnerable to women and their beauty, he does not express it, as he cares for his father’s feelings and their relationship.

He had great respect for his father since he was by his side all of jumin’s life, so when his father tried to force him into marriage, this was quite upsetting for jumin, as he was not used to this kind of treatment. But after he reveals that he likes MC, his father backs off from the marriage he arranged for jumin.

His father initially didn’t like the idea of jumin and main character together but after Jumin reveals Glams betrayel, it changes his outlook on the matter.

Elizabeth the 3rd

He adores his cat beyond imagination and is often called out as cat obsessed in his group. He brought treats and toys for her all the tim.

He used Elizabeth as means to cope with his lonliness. He feared that his step mother would do something in order to get him to marry his daughter so he locks her cat up. It has bad impact in the pet.

When he takes Elizabeth to MC, it runs away which makes Jumin Upset and now he turns to MC to project his emotions instead of Elizabeth.

Finally, Yoosung finds Elizabeth and the MC decides to return it to Jumin Han after V gives surety that Jumin was a good owner.


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