Mystic Messenger Jaehee Kang

Everything You Need to know About Jaehee Kang

Mystic messenger Jaehee Kang is the only female character with her own route in the game. She is Jumin han’s personal assistant and chief secretary at C&R international company. She is considerate, pleasant and hardworking person who takes her job and life seriously.


Jaehee is a rather calm, collected and serious person when it comes to her Job and business but she can’t be considered cold as she is seen treating others with kindness and compassion. She has her own unique sense of humour which not many people understand.

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Jaehee is kind of a perfectionist. She prefers everything to b organised and not random. It irritates her when something doesn’t go as she has envisioned it or scheduled it. But she always manages to pull through no matter how tough the conditions are. Jumin sometimes can be hard on her with responsibilities he gives her both of his work and personal life, but as a hard worker she always gets through it and does well.


She has a normal height and physique of a woman. She has yellowish-brown eyes and she also wears glasses which Jumin gave to her. Her hair is brownish and are rather short which suits her. Mystic messenger Jaehee kang mostly being on her job, wears a typical business suit. It includes a white shirt and a blackish coat over it and a skirt, tights and black shoes. In one ending, her hair looks grown and a but curled.


Background Story

Jaehee’s mother married against her family, to a man who was 20 years older than her. The father died of sickness when she was very little, which left her and the mother alone, therefore she had to learn responsibility from a very young age. When she got into 9th grade, her mother became a victim of a terrible car accident and died. She was taken in by her Uncle who raised her though her wife was not very kind to Jaehee. After her graduation she got a scholarship at a top tier university and passed from them with honour.

She started working immediately after her degree completion and became a part of Jumin han’s company. Jumin hired her in V’s recommendation. Knowing them both lead her to being a part of RFA and where gets to know other members as well.

Relationships with other Characters


Mystic Messenger Jaehee kang trusts V completely and sees him as a role model to her. She likes him because he is close to her boss Jumin and he trusts and loves him as well. She is grateful to V for he was the reason Jumin gave her that job. V also appreciates how hardworking and sincere person Jaehee is.

Main Character

As the game starts, Jaehee is kind of intimidated by MC’s involvement in RFA, but as the game progresses, they grow closer and eventually becomes best friends. She also mentions that it was the MC who told her to believe in herself and to chase her dreams. She was the reason Jaehee resigned from Jumin ‘s company and went for baking which was her favourite thing in the whole world. She persuades MC to be a part of her baking business which she accepts and they run that business well and become pretty successful.


Seven and Mystic messenger Jaehee kang have a stable and positive relationship. Though Jaehee feels irritated and annoyed on the account of seven’s endless pranks and trolling, she doesn’t hate him or dislike him. She is often the one who is suggesting seven to stop pranking everyone but she enjoys it sometimes and even trolls seven when she is in extra light mood. She respects 707’s hacking skills and his abilities in his job and Seven also respects her and looks out for her.


She the Chief secretary in Jumin’s company. Her jobs include managing Jumin’s appointments and schedule and taking care of his cat Elizabeth the 3rd, the latter job is especially annoying for her because she is an organised person and prefers things the same way as well, and cats however, can be pretty messy sometimes.

She is not that excited about the way Jumin treats her and over burdens her with work to which he didn’t even sign up for. But Jumin shows no concern about her feelings at all. He believes that paying her is enough to get her to do anything he wants. He also trusts her as an employ and as a friend. They both spend most time together and know a lot about each other.


Jaehee seems to be a big fan of Zen and his work. Though she is calm and serious by nature but around zen she turns into sort of a fangirl. It is hinted at some point that she might be into zen romantically but she refuses to admit that. The reason might be related to her own thought pattern which suggests that if she gets into any relationship with an actor, being a fan, it will affect badly Zen’s career.


As Jaehee has a serious and realistic nature, she doesn’t really like Yoosung’s habit of playing games all the time and neglecting his life and education. She is more often that not advising him to take interest in his studies and health and stop playing those games. Yoosung considers her as his older sister and loves and respects her. They both work together in a fundraising event and she expresses how much she is proud of Yoosung’s efforts and his progress.


In one of the story modes, Rika and mystic messenger Jaehee kang aren’t that close as Jaehee was the last member to join RFA, however she sees Rika as a caring and kind person who always looked out for Jaehee.

In Another Story however, they appear to be pretty close and have a beautiful, sisters-like bond.

Elizabeth the 3rd

Although it appears that she hates Jumin’s pet and cats in general but, that is not true at all. She just doesn’t like taking care of his messy cat pet in her after hours. And she even openly expresses it at times without hesitation that she doesn’t like hanging out with Elizabeth the 3rd in her after work time. She is also the one to manage jumin’s cat projects which were really time consuming and tiresome and to be fair not very beneficial.

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