MegaBox HD for IOS

With MegaBox HD Movies & TV shows application, watching your favorite movies and tv shows has never been this easier. This app allows you to stream a huge collection of Movies and TV shows for free. You don’t need to create an account or pay monthly subscription fees with MegaBox HD. This app makes the access to a massive database of Video Content extremely easy for you.

MegaBox HD has the best cloud storage features out of all the video streaming apps available out there.

Meaning, your streaming history would stay safe for a long time until it gets refreshed so that you can resume watching your favorite Show exactly where you left off.

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With this app, you won’t have to worry about any security or privacy risks. The purpose of this app is to make the access of your Favorite Movies and TV shows simple and easy for you. And now, even iPhone users can download this app on their IOS devices.

More about MegaBox HD for IOS:

The best thing about MegaBox HD is its indirect Multi-Platform support. Which allows this app to be installed on Windows as well as Mac based PCs and now even IOS devices.

Unlike with android devices, if you want to use MegaBox HD on IOS then you are going to need to install an extra application on your Device. The complete details about the installation process would be explained in a bit. With that being said, you can indeed use this app on your IOS devices.

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First, let’s talk a little bit about its user interface. This app probably has the finest UI out of all the Video Content streaming application. All the UI components are placed in just the right way which makes it easier for you search your favorite movies and TV shows. With its powerful search features and easy navigation, you can find your favorite Movies and TV shows with ease.

One of the best things about this app, it allows you to download video content for free. You can download your favorite Movies and TV shows for watching later. You can discover new TV shows and add them to your watchlist. And since the downloaded content is saved on your Mobile Device, you can share it with your friends as well.

There is only problem with this app that is reported by users, it doesn’t allow you to add subtitles to the video when streaming online. This is quite a big turn off for many people but other than that, this app is probably everything that you’d ever need for a Video Content streaming application. There are no registration or subscription fees hassle with this app whatsoever.


Features of MegaBox HD for IOS:

Free Movies Streaming App: Unlike most video streaming services, MegaBox HD doesn’t require any kind of premium account fees or hidden charges. It is the simplest solution to streaming your favorite movies and TV Shows needs. Just installed this app on your preferred devices and start enjoying your favorite shows in HD quality.

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Doesn’t Require Registration: Movies and Tv shows websites like Netflix require you to create an account and pay subscription fees for using their services. With MegaBox HD, you won’t have to worry about registering an account. You can start watching your favorite shows right off the bat as you start using this app.

HD Quality Video Content: All the video content being made available on the app is in HD Quality. You can choose from anywhere between 240P to 1080p quality to suit your Mobile Data and internet connection requirements.

Lightweight App: This app weighs less than 3MBs which means it won’t affect the performance of your mobile device. You can use it even on the devices with low system resources and it would still work just fine.

Excellent Search Features: MegaBox HD’s powerful search algorithm allows you to search for a particular movie or TV show based on a keyword. Just take care of the search spellings that you put in the search bar and leave the rest to MegaBox HD.


How to download & Install MegaBox HD for IOS:

For using this app on IOS devices, you’d first need to install a third-party app, vShare. vShare is an IOS application that allows you to install applications on your iPhone from sources other than the app store.

Let’s go through the step by step guide to installing MegaBox HD on your IOS devices

  • Go to the app store and search for vShare app
  • Install this app on your iPhone and then run it
  • Go to the search bar of this application and search for MegaBox HD for IOS
  • When the search is done, download and install this app on your iPhone
  • That’s it. Now you can go on and start using this app on your IOS device.
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Note: If iPhone security system comes up with any warnings, then just ignore them. These are just some unnecessary security precautions taken by the IOS device security protection team.

MegaBox HD apk file Details:

App Name:                   MegaBox HD

App Type:                     Movies & TV shows streaming App  

App Size:                       2.5MB


OS Requirements:       Android 5.0 or above  

Downloads:                  Over 10M

Final Words:

This is how you can download and install MegaBox HD on your IOS devices. The process is pretty straight forward. Just follow all the steps as mentioned in the guide and you should be good to go.

With all the features that it has to offer, MegaBox HD is a must have Video Content streaming application for Hardcore movies lovers. MegaBox HD gives you free access to a plethora of Movies and TV shows and that too in High Definition quality. You get to decide which streaming quality you want to play the Movies at. With such level of control and freedom, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have this app on your IOS devices.

Download MegaBox HD on your IOS devices right now and get free access to a huge collection of Movies and TV shows for free.


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