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MegaBox HD is a free Movies & TV shows streaming android app that gives you access to a huge database of video content. You can watch the content in HD quality as well as download your favorite movies and TV shows. Its user interface is the best feature of this app. The entire app has been divided into categories which you can navigate to find your favorite Movies and TV shows.

Unlike most movies steaming platforms, MegaBox gives you free access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows.

If you are wondering about any security risks when using this app then you don’t have to worry about that. This app contains publicly available content that is free to use for everyone. With that being said, it still regularly keeps updating the content so that you can get latest updated about your favorite movies and TV shows.

More about MegaBox HD apk:

MegaBox HD provides you with High Quality Content. Also, you can choose the viewing quality as well. You can choose anywhere from 240P to 1080p depending on your Mobile Data availability and the speed of your internet connection. Unlike most Movies and TV shows websites, this app is totally free to use.

One of the best things about this app is, it allows you to download your favorite movies and TV shows as well. You can download the show in the background when using your phone and get back to watching your favorite shows offline, whenever you get the chance.

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The cloud storage features of this app are quite powerful. When watching a show online, you might have to stop the stream when taking a little break of handling some emergency, in that case you would most probably end up losing the connection and you’d have to restart the streaming process. But with MegaBox, you can start right from where you left off. All your streaming data gets stored on the cloud storage which allows you to resume your movies and TV shows whenever you get back to the app.

This app has a clean user interface. There are no annoying ads embedded into the UI. Everything UI component is placed in just the right way so that you can go on and look for your favorite Movies and TV shows with ease. The content displayed on the Homepage contains IMDB rating as well, so you can discover trending new shows with ease.

One of the things that have turned users off when using this app is, you can’t add external subtitles to the video when playing it online. You’d need to download the video first and then you can add the subtitles using a player Like VLC or MX media player.

MegaBox HD is available to download for mobile devices. It can be used on PC as well. But for that, you’d first need to install an android Emulator on your PC. For all the features that this app has to offer, we’d say it is a pretty reasonable choice for a free Movies and TV shows streaming android application.

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MegaBox HD apk Features:

  • MegaBox HD Allows you to stream HD Movies & TV shows for free
  • You can choose a streaming quality that suits the speed of your Internet Connection (240P, 360P, 720P,1080P)
  • You can download the content of your choice as well for watching offline
  • The content is updated regularly so that you can get the latest Movies and TV shows
  • Gives you a brief summary as well as the IMDB rating of your selected show
  • This app allows you to Save the Movies for “Watch Later
  • Offers powerful Cloud Storage features
  • Allows you to share your Favorite Movies and TV shows with friends
  • The app is quite lightweight, so it won’t affect the performance of your phone
  • Comes with a User-Friendly Interface

There are hardly any other Movies Streaming apps that provide such level of features and ease of access. And that too, for absolutely free. Another feature is worth mentioning is, this app supports multi-language navigation.

How to download MegaBox HD for android:

MegaBox HD is a powerful and elegant Movies and Video Content Streaming android app that gives you free, unrestricted access to a plethora of movies and TV shows. You can reduce the streaming quality to save up space or you can download your favorite Movies and TV shows to watch them later.

Here is how you can download this app on your android device

  • Download the MegaBox HD apk file from the given link below
  • Go to the Settings of your phone
  • From there, find the Security settings
  • Here, you’d need to enable the Unknown Sources options
  • This option would allow you to install 3rd party apk files
  • Once you have enabled the unknown sources option, go on to the file manager of your phone
  • Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the MegaBox HD apk file
  • Tap on the file to install it on your android device
  • Once the installation is done, click ok
  • That’s it. You can go on and watch your favorite Movies and TV shows for free
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MegaBox HD apk file information:

App Name:                   MegaBox HD

App Type:                     Movies & TV shows streaming App  

App Size:                       2.5MB


OS Requirements:       Android 5.0 or above  

Downloads:                  Over 10M

Final Words:

Out of all the Video and TV shows streaming apps that are available in the market, MegaBox HD has probably the biggest database of video content that you can stream online. You can change the quality of the video stream and can even download the show for watching later. There are not many apps available in the market that offer such level of features for free.

There are no registration requirements with this app, you don’t have to create an account or pay any subscription fees on a Monthly or yearly basis. Just download this app and watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

Download MegaBox HD apk right now and get free access to a massive database of D movies and TV shows.

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