LESCO Email Service – Customer Support

LESCO Email Service – Customer Support

Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) has initiated a campaign to install digital electricity meters by uninstalling all the old PC meters in its hands to prevent massive power theft as pre-installed meters have failed to control power transmission carried out by LESCO staff.

LESCO sources say the company planned to install new digital meters by replacing the old PC meters, which were also a source of power losses for LESCO.

Sources say LESCO employees involved in corruption often benefit from the incomplete schemes of senior people who approve the purchase of those PC meters that remain unaffected by power theft. To date, the company’s seven district offices have replaced the old meters with various complaints or variations as registered by LESCO industry staff.

The meter game has become a major financial problem for the company as stadium staff is heavily involved in meter heating when their readings reach a peak. Sources suspect that linemen were allegedly involved in a meter-burning game of a consumer who had to pay a heavy sum of money for the units they consumed.

Employees deliberately charge small units for real use, and employees try to negotiate with consumers. When the reading meter doubles in three to six months, it becomes difficult for consumers to pay the whole bill at the same time.

[su_highlight background=”#fbff12″ color=”#ed0900″]LESCO’s lead engineer (SE) says the new digital meters will help save used meter units, whether intentionally or unintentionally burning because data used units can be downloaded from a chip installed in digital meters.[/su_highlight]

However, LESCO CEO Shakeel Ahmad has announced that LESCO will not be able to replace all meters at the same time due to insufficient budget allocations, adding that digital meters will be replaced by older ones following the current budget. He said that no deadline could be set for the replacement of old meters due to the limited budget in this regard.

Estimates of the loss of revenue in the form of explosive meters and adherence meters can be determined by the details of just one LESCO circuit that took place only 700 meters in the past two months, sources said. Replaced meters are piled up at the LESCO regional store as Regional Store Manager Shalimar has confirmed so far that no auction meters have been changed but will be announced soon.

Sources did not add to LESCO’s comprehensive strategy for measuring or collecting actual used metallic units after replacement, just as a formula for charging units between the consumers within three months of last year does not help estimate the total cost of used units.

LESCO Bill Email Service

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