How to Apply for A PEC Number? 2021 Updates

How to Apply for A PEC Number? 2021 Updates

Its main statutory functions include the registration of engineers, constructors, consulting engineers, and accreditation of the engineering programs offered in universities and institutions to ensure and managed professional development continuity.

The Council encourages and regulates the working of professional engineering bodies. PEC interacts with the Government, both at the Federal and Provincial level, by participating in commissions, committees and advisory bodies.

PEC is the representative body of the engineering community in Pakistan. PEC has been providing support to Government in conducting technical enquiries and recommendation of remedial measures on referred subjects.

How to register with PEC?

As soon as a student completes their engineering degree, they have to apply for registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council. The registration is important to be recognized as a professional engineer.

Before you start with the official procedure, ensure that you get the following documents for completion of the registration:

  • CNIC
  • Domicile
  • SSC or equivalent certificated
  • ICS/DAE/A-Level or Equivalent Certificates
  • Engineering Degree Certificate
  • Photograph with Blue background

How to apply?

Step 1

Visit the PEC registration portal on the given link

Step 2

Click on ‘’Create an Online Account’’ and fill in the relevant fields.

Step 3

Once the profile is created, you will have to fill in the details and attach relevant documents in each tab. The details include basic info, mailing and qualification details, attachment details and challan details.

Step 4

Once all the information is filled in, your application will be submitted and reviewed. As the process gets completed, a unique PEC Number would be granted to the person applying. Moreover, a PEC card would be dispatched by PEC at the applicant mailing address.

Instructions to Consider when Applying

  • All the attachments you upload should be in JPEG/JPH format, and the file size should not exceed 1 MB and is not recommended to lower than 250KB.
  • Important things to consider is that the scan should be within the given size range, the pic resolution should also be resized to ‘’Fit to Screen’’.
  • If any of your documents have more than one page, you should attach the remaining pages in the ‘’Extra attachments’’ with the comments added.
  • A file uploaded in the Extra Attachment’’ cannot be deleted. So, if you need to replace the already uploaded attachments, you should upload a new file with comments that indicate the final upload.
  • For an applicant applying for the first time, there are no fees associated with the application, so no challan fee has to be submitted.
  • We recommend you read the instructions on the official website.

Registration Procedure for Engineers

An engineer is a person holding four years Bachelor Degree in any Engineering Discipline from an accredited Engineering program of a university that is recognized by the Higher Education Commission registered by PEC.

Eligibility for Registration Through Pec

  • A registered engineer having acquired accredited engineering qualification after 2005 an having experience of minimum of five years in the practice of engineering and having passed the Engineering Practice Examination of the Council may apply to register on Form PEC-1B to be registered as a professional engineer having sufficient evidence to support the eligibility related to
  • Possession of accredited engineering qualification
  • Acquisition of at least 17 CPD points
  • Passing of EPE examination

Registration Through Interview

An applicant can also apply to register an PEC-2B for registration as a Professional Engineer along with sufficient evidence in support of eligibility related to possessing accredited engineering qualification.

It involves an interview by the Enrolment Committee to assess the areas of experience of the person and application of their engineering skills and understanding of the field.

Guidelines for Registration as Registered Engineer

A person that holds an accredited engineering qualification, whether working privately or in a public institute, if he/she is registered by the Council, they are a registered engineer. Here are some of the guidelines to be considered for registration:

  • Engineers graduated after April 2005 are registered as ‘’Registered Engineer’’
  • A person holding a Bachelor degree in any Engineering Discipline of a university or institution accredited by PEC or professional body of the country.
  • An applicant must provide correct information for submission of an application through the online system as he/she will not be able to make changes later.
  • Scanned copies of testimonials, CNIC, signature and photographs having blue background should be uploaded.
  • The recommended size of a file of scanned documents is 300KB.
  • Usage of Google Chrome is recommended for online application submission.
  • Registration fees can be deposited in Pakistani or foreign currency.
  • If making an online payment, the receipt must be uploaded.
  • A cheque is not acceptable.

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