Download APK Editor Pro to Customize Android Apps

Download APK Editor Pro to Customize Android Apps

APK Editor is a wonderful android app customization tool that lets you tweak the source code of android application to suit your preferences. In simple words, it is kind of a harmless hacking tool that allows you to change the source code of an android application.

You can edit the smali code, the name of the app and even the app data. This tool is especially quite useful for people who are into android app development and looking to understand under the hood app development details and enhance their skills.


There are quite a lot of APK Editor applications available on the Google Play store but most of them don’t work so well. There UI is hard to understand and apk Editing process is quite complicated. We recommend this app because it has a nice and clean user interface and we assure you this app would give an excellent user experience.

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How to Use APK Editor PRO?

APK Editor pro is developed by Steelworks Studio, a well-known software development company. The developers of this application made sure to keep the interface as self-explanatory as possible so that even the newbies can do simple android source code hacks. You don’t need to have any kind of prior android programming knowledge for using this app, this app would guide you through each step of the hacking process.

For people with a background in programming, this tool can prove to be quite powerful. The APK editing experience that this app provides you with is quite amazing. You can edit the String as well as Image resources of the android application. With Pro version, you can even get rid of the ads in your application.

There are two different editing modes that you can use. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended that you go with the SIMPLE EDIT option. This option would enable you to replace files of an APK. You can change name or images of the ap file. And for people who are experienced programmers, they can go for the FULL EDIT option, this would allow you to rebuild the entire APK file. You can change the app data, add your own bits of customization code and there you have it. You can enhance the functionality of your application.

Still, before you actually begin to use this app you should know that it might not be as easy as it may seem. If you don’t need anything about what you are doing, then this app is not for you. You’d need to do everything in a proper way or else, you’d end up losing all your app data and game progress. This apk editor tool is quite powerful and if you don’t know how to use it the right way, it can become quite troublesome.

Luckily, you can find the entire user’s guide for this app on the App’s Help Page. The developers have tried their best to make the use as simple as possible and still if you can’t seem to understand how to go about it, you can always take help from the User’s Guide in the Help section of the app.

APK Editor Pro Features:

  • Allows you to Edit APK files from your Android Storage
  • You can also Create your own APK from the apps installed on your Android Device
  • Partially Edit or Fully Rebuild the APK file
  • Edit App Data
  • Allows you to Remove Ads
  • Enables you to Apply Patches to apps
  • Edit String Resources as well as the Code in AndroidManifest.XML file
  • Pro version allows you to edit Smali Code (Requires Root Access)
  • Most of the features of this APP works without Root

How to Download APK Editor Pro for Free:

APK Editor Pro is a powerful android APP editing software that you can use to edit an android APK file as per your preferred settings. This app is available to download for Free on Google Play Store.

Google Play Store only allows the download of the basic version of the app that supports limited number of features.

Here we have made the Pro version available for you that you can download for absolutely free. Here is what you need to do to download the APK Editor Pro for free

  • Download the APK Editor Pro apk file from the Given Link
  • When the download is completed, go to your Storage and locate the downloaded apk file
  • Tap on the file
  • Your android device would ask you to Enable Unknown Sources from the security settings of your android device. Enable that and install the app
  • When the installation is done click ok. You can delete the APK file of APK Editor Pro once the installation is done
  • That’s it. Now you can visit the app use guide for learning how to use this android editing application

The user interface of this app is quite simple. When you open the app, you would be asked to add the PK file from your android storage. You can either do that of you can extract your own apk file from the installed application. Now, if you want to change the app data like resources, you can choose the option Hack APP data. If you want to tweak autorun then you can select the autorun manager options.

Final Words:

APK Editor Pro can prove to be an awesome learning platform for people who want to learn the basics of android app development on their mobile devices. Aside from that, it can also be a pretty fun app to use. You can edit the String Resources of the APP to add your own name to it or a funny quote etc. Plus, with the image replacement options, you can edit the UI of the app as well. This app makes the process of learning and improving your android app development skills fun for you.

Download the Pro Version of APK Editor Pro for free from our website right now and get started with editing and creating your signature APK files.         

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