Download Cinema APK on Android TV: Download Cinema HD APK on Android Smart TV/ TV Box

Cinema APK on Android TV: Download Cinema HD APK on Android Smart TV/ TV Box

Cinema APK, formerly known as Cinema HD is a video content streaming application that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows absolutely free. Unlike most video streaming android applications, this app brings you HD content free of cost, without any hidden charges.

This app is basically kind of like a search engine for movies. When you enter a search query, it scrapes the web for hyperlinks and video content that is associated with those links.


This app brings you the publicly available content so there is no risk on your privacy and safety. This app is completely safe to use. Cinema HD APK does not show pirated or illegal content which makes it a safe source for streaming video content.

More about Cinema APK HD for Android Smart TV/Android TV Box:

A wonderful thing about this app is, it can run on android devices as well as PCs, Laptops, Android Smart TVs and TV Boxes.


Although being considered a 3rd party application, this app is not available in android Play Store. Still, there are ways through which you can run this app on all systems that support Android as their primary operating system.

If you don’t feel like using this app to watch movies on your android device because the screen is too small, you can always run this app on your Smart TV or Android TV Box. This way, you’d be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on Big Screen.

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The features that this Android Application has to offer, make it simply the best Video Content streaming application that is available out there. You can binge watch your favorite Movies and TV shows in HD quality for absolutely free.

Here is a brief overview of some of the features of this amazing HD Movies streaming android application

  • Offers you access to a massive Database of HD movies and TV Shows
  • There are no registration requirements or In-App purchases
  • The app is completely Safe and Secure
  • It has a User-friendly interface
  • The app is light-weight as it only acts like a Content Delivery Service

How to Install Cinema HD APK on Android Smart TV?

Before starting with the installation process, make sure that you follow each and every step in the same order as mentioned below. As Cinema HD APK is a 3rd party application, you might encounter some errors if you don’t follow the process as it is.

If you face an error, then that’s ok as well. We have a guide for you at the end that would help you bypass most common Android Cinema HD APK error.

Ok so let’s dig in!

  • First of all, you’d need to enable Unknown Sources of your Android Smart TV
  • Turn on your Smart TV and then go to Settings
  • From there, search for Unknown Sources and then Enable it
  • Now go to the play store and search for ES File Explorer
  • Download and Install this app on your Smart TV
  • Once the installation is done, open the APP and go to the Favorites Section
  • From there, look for the option + Add
  • Enter the address of the Cinema APK in the Address Bar
  • Make sure to enter the address correctly or the download won’t start
  • Once the app is downloaded, you’d be able to see it in the downloads folder
  • From there, Install the downloaded APK file
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That’s all there is to it. Now, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV Shows on Big Screen.

How to Install Cinema HD APK on Android TV Box?

The download process for android TV Box is quite similar to that of Android Smart TV. So, we won’t be going into the complete details for this one. Still, here are the most basic things that you need to do to get started with using this application on Android TV Box

  • Turn on your Android TV Box and Go to Settings
  • From there, Enable Unknown Sources Option to allow the installation of third-party applications
  • You can search for the Cinema HD APK file from within the TV Box
  • Download the Application in Your Android TV Box
  • Locate the APK file and Install it
  • Once the installation is Finished, Click on OK
  • Launch the application and there you have it. Now you can watch your favorite Movies and TV shows for free


How to Fix Parsing Error with Cinema HD APK?

Since Cinema HD APK is a 3rd party application, you might have to face some errors during installation or updating of the app. This could be because of your device not being able to support the app or because you have downloaded an older APK version.

The most common error with Cinema HD Apk is the parsing error. This is an annoying error and would shut down the app.

Here is how you can bypass this error

  • Completely Remove the partially installed App Cinema HD APK from your Device
  • Download the latest version from Web
  • Follow the above-mentioned Installation Steps
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Final Words:

Cinema HD APK is probably your best choice for streaming video content in HD quality for free. There are a lot of other options out there that you can check out but most of them are either paid, or if they are free the content quality is not that good. Cinema HD APK is probably the only app that offers you both these features for absolutely free.

All these features, along with access to probably the biggest database of Movies and TV Shows, Cinema APK is a must-have android application for every android device user.


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