CatMouse Issues and Their Solutions

CatMouse Issues and Their Solutions

CatMouse Issues and Their SolutionsCatMouse is an incredibly amazing application allowing you to stream tons of content without paying a penny. But, if the application won’t load, play, or open, then you need to fix these issues following some troubleshooting steps. Are you getting errors like ‘’No Data’’ and ‘’No Links Available’’? Don’t worry, we are here to help you resolve these issues.

These errors are common and most likely to occur in such applications. We will guide you on how to fix these issues on your Cat Mouse app so that you can continue watching all your favorite TV shows and movies without any hassle.

Fixing Buffering Issues:

The reason why there are buffering issues in the CatMouse app is the ISP block streams from third-party apps and that many people are logged in at the same time as you. Here is the complete guide with steps performed on a Firestick so that you can fix the buffering issues encountered. The same process can be applied to other devices like Android Smartphones and Android TV Boxes.

  1. Use a VPN – Avoid Internet restriction

You can avoid streaming problems by using a VPN. ISP blocks streaming requests from third-party apps mostly. With a VPN, ISP can’t detect your streaming activities. We recommend using ExpressVPN that can be enabled on 5 devices with one subscription.

  • Fristly, sign up for ExpressVPN
  • Go to Firestick device and from the home screen, select the search option and search for ExpressVPN for Firestick
  • Follow simple instructions and install the app
  • Sign in with the login details
  • Connect to the secure server and start safe streaming
  1. Clear Cache

All the apps on your Firestick cache the storage. The cache builds up and takes a large part of your device’s internal storage. Large caches disrupt the streaming and cause buffering problems. So, it is recommended that you remove the cache on your device.

  • Select settings on the Firestick home screen
  • Open Applications
  • Click on ‘’Manage my applications’’
  • Click the application whose cache you want to delete
  • Click Clear Cache
  1. Different streaming links

The application provides multiple links for movies and Tv shows. So, you can try using the different link so that you find one that works without buffering.

  1. Use Real Debrid

For fast performance and reduced buffering problems, it is recommended to use the Real Debrid integration.

  • Sign up for Real Debrid
  • Open the streaming app and go to settings.
  • Find the Real Debrid category in the next window
  • Sign in with your Real Debrid account
  • Enter the Code
  • Back to your application, you can see the status: logged in

CatMouse Issues: Opening Subtitles;

  • Launch the streaming app and make sure it supports MX player integration
  • Click on the search icon and choose a movie or TV show
  • Select the link
  • Select Open With and Choose MX Player
  • As it gets opened, click on the options icon in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down and select Subtitle
  • Click Online Subtitles and then Search
  • When the menu appears, check ‘’Enter your search text’’
  • You will be prompted to search the subtitles
  • Search and select the subtitles from search results
  • Wait for subtitles to open
  • Enjoy

CatMouse Not Working Properly:

Some users have reported the app doesn’t open, play, or load. If you can’t see the cast icon on Firestick, it is not there. But, if the icon isn’t visible on your smartphone, you have to ensure that the casting feature is enabled.

If the application doesn’t load, play or open, you might need to delete it and re-install it.

CatMouse no Data:

  • Open your CatMouse Application and go to settings
  • Scroll down and select providers and resolvers
  • Enable TV shows providers and movie providers
  • Select the clear cache option
  • Restart the application
  • The problem will be resolved. If it doesn’t, try installing the latest version.

Final Words:

We have fixed these CatMouse Issues for you so that you can have a smooth entertainment experience.

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