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Android Operating System currently supports more than 75% of the total mobile devices in the entire world. It stands at the top of mobile devices OS market and honestly, it deserves that spot because the level of ease that it provides when it comes to using smartphones, no other mobile operating system comes even close to it.

One common problem that most android device users have reported is their mobile device slowing down after a while. And it is rarely because of hardware issues or limitations. The basic reason for an android device slowing down is the fact that Android OS and apps keep creating unnecessary Junk files on your device which causes your phone to slow down. These files affect the phone’s running performance, Battery Consumption and most importantly your phone storage.

What you need is a powerful Android Device Cleaning tool that thoroughly cleans your device of unnecessary junk files. Latest android devices have included a built-in cleaner tool in their devices, but they are not that good.

AVG Cleaner Pro is one of the Best Junk Files Cleaning Applications that you can find in the market. It is developed by AVG which is known for their great security and device management software.

More About AVG Cleaner Pro:

AVG Cleaner is a free android application that optimizes your device by removing unnecessary junk files and buffer files. Just like AVG Antivirus Pro, this is another top of the line product developed by AVG software maker company. Aside from freeing up your phone storage, this app allows your phone to run faster and perform routine tasks at a much faster rate.

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It has a clean, easy to understand user-interface and an impressive set of features that make it stand out from other Android Device Cleaning Apps in the market. It has over 10million downloads on Google Play Store and a ton of positive reviews. There are two versions of this app that you can get from the play store, the basic or free version and a Pro Version.

AVG Cleaner Pro Features Overview:

AVG Cleaner Pro is a powerful android device cleaner and manager tool that includes pretty impressive features. From thorough cleaning to intensive handling of junk and cache files etc.

Let’s briefly review some of the best features of AVG Cleaner Pro

  • Completely Cleans Junk, Cache and Misc Files

Storage space is a limited resource of your android device. It directly affects the performance of your device. If your storage space is running out, then your android device would start acting out and it may even cause crashes in some of your apps.

AVG Cleaner Pro’s most basic yet impressive feature is that it performs a deep scanning and cleaning of your android device and removes all the unwanted files from your smartphone. The process is pretty simple, just click on Quick Clean, select the files that you want to scan and that’s it.

  • Uninstall unwanted, already installed apps
  • Analyze and Remove Apps that are affecting the device performance
  • Clean RAM and Cache
  • See Apps info in terms of Storage, RAM usage and battery usage


  • Excellent Apps Management Features

AVG Cleaner Pro’s App Management features are probably one of the best ones in the market. It shows you a complete list of all the installed and running apps on your device. From there, you can decide whether you want to keep or remove these files. You can see the app information in terms of Storage and RAM usage.

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This app also shows you your installed apps that you don’t use so frequently. It analyses the last used date of a particular app and notifies you after a while whether you want to keep this file or not. It also enables you to freeze applications that require too much system resources so that you can use them only when needed.

  • Shows Battery Draining Apps
  • Shows Complete Usage Analysis
  • Gives App Size Growth Analysis
  • Freezes Unwanted Apps


  • Photos Optimization

Photos are one of the most basic part of android device usage. Photos can take up a lot of space and if you don’t analyze where that space is getting used at, you’d soon see yourself run out of storage space.

Photos Optimization is another amazing feature offered by AVG Cleaner Pro. This app deeply analyses your photos Gallery and shows you a comprehensive list of all your images. It shows you which images are bad, blurry or duplicates so that you can remove them to free up storage space. You can do all of that with a simple tap of a button.

  • Complete Phone Gallery Optimization
  • Find and Remove Bad Quality and Duplicate Photos
  • Easy way of Cleaning your Entire Photos Library
  • Doesn’t Affect the quality of Images


  • Battery Saving and Optimization

Aside from phone storage, battery capacity and performance, is one of the most important features of an android device. Android Devices that have a lot of high-end apps, tend to lose battery much faster. This causes their device to heat up and creates all kinds of performance issues.

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AVG Cleaner Pro offers excellent battery management features. It shows you complete battery consumption details. It shows you apps that are using a lot of battery power in the background and also allows you to shut those apps down. This app gives you 4 different battery usage modes Low Battery, Wok, Home or Car which you can use to save up battery.

  • Helps Identify and Remove High battery Consumption Apps
  • Allows you to Freeze or hibernate unwanted Apps
  • Offers 4 different battery profiles to choose from

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk File Information:

App Name:                           AVG Cleaner Pro

Developers:                         AVG

App Type:                            Utility/Android Cleaner App

App Size:                            22MB

App Version:                     4.14.0

OS Requirement:             Android 4.4 KitKat or Higher


Final Words:

Considering the features that it has to offer AVG Cleaner Pro is probably the smartest and simply the best Device cleaner app that you can find out there. From thorough cleaning to Smart Device management features, this app has everything that you might need to manage your android device. Get this app right now and enhance the performance of your android device.

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