707 Mystic Messenger Route Guide and Walkthrough

707 Mystic Messenger Route Guide and Walkthrough

Each route has something for you to learn and 707 Mystic Messenger route is no exception.707 also known as Luciel’s route is mainly about perseverance and understanding. He has a rather short temper so you may need to be gentle with him and try to understand why he is behaving this way.

You need to be patient with him because he is not very good at keeping others and tends to push them away. You have to be there for him at all times. Here are some pointers, if you are looking for getting to his route.

General information:

There are two things you should know. First,707 route is only available in Deep Story mode. And second, if you are going to call anyone its better to call 707, it will make sure that you are having enough interactions with him.

Luciel enjoys teasing and messing with other people. If he is in the mood for that tag along with him. And when he gets serious you should too. Try not to ignore him. You can talk about how you are feeling and its better to not complain a lot.

Personality Traits

Mostly you will find him as someone who is Fun to hang out with, jolly, easy going and weirdly pleasant. His response to most of the stuff will be a series of LOls. He often makes fun of others and especially pranks Yoosung a lot. So basically, he is a jester who loves hacking and is passionate about cars as well. His religious believes are also brought up and it is mentioned that he belongs to catholic church.

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The players first thoughts about 707 are not what he really is. Behind chat room fun and pranks he is actually a very depressed and grave person, with a pessimistic view on things. He is like that due to his profession and events of the past. He believes that if anyone gets too close to him, they’ll get in harm’s way. These insecurities are often brought up specially when he tries to push the main character away from him.

Now though in the beginning he pushes the player away and doesn’t allow them in his life, it is also clear that he thinks high of the player. Because when he is convinced that the player will accept him for him and will stay by his side he opens up about his feelings.

After his route 707 returns to being normal, but this time he is soft and vulnerable than he was before.

Physique and Appearance

707 Mystic messenger has golden eyes and a bit shabby reddish hair. He wears glasses which have dark grey stripes and yellow colour. He is always wearing a headphone and a silver cross necklace is also a part of his appearance. His height is about 5’9” (175cm) and weighs almost 69 kg(152.1lb).

Luciel changes his attire quite rarely. His dress code for partying is usually red tie, a black dress shirt and over that, a white vest.

It is also evident that he is very much into cosplays and cross dressing as the player will come across his many pictures in a variety of different costumes.

Past and Background of 707 Mystic messenger

707 and his brother saeran grew together in an abusive household till he was 15 years old. They were kept secret in exchange for money because their father was a presidential candidate and he knew if people find out that they were born without marriage it will affect his reputation.

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Their mother abused saeran often for being weaker than 707 and often being sick due to his sensitivity. Saeran had to deal with terrible punishments including being tied up by the legs, being physically abused and going several days starving.

707 decided and promised saeran that he will change their life for the better. He found a book on hacking and learned it and got good at it.  He got to know Rika at a church and then he also met V. It was V who convinced him to change his name to luciel and he also asked him to join an esteemed hacking company, but he can’t bring saeran with him. He rejected the offer because he can’t leave saeran behind but V kept on insisting so he had to give in on the condition that Rika and V will ensure saeran’s safety.

Relations with other characters

707 and jumin has kind of relation where he asks jumin to meet his pet cat Elizabeth the 3rd and jumin refusing it. He nicknamed her “Elly”.The interactions are mostly centred around Elizabeth the pet cat but jumin is also seen to show up for 707 and helping him whenever he is in some kind of trouble. Jumin is also an admirer of 707’s brilliant hacking skills.

707 is the one who helped making zen famous and to make his career better by sharing and spreading a video of zen all around. In jumins route they seem to get along very well as they are always finishing each other’s sentences and mocking jumin together.

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Yoosung and Mystic Messenger 707 are good friends since they were in school but 707 couldn’t attend his graduation because he was abroad at that time. Yoosung, being gullible falls victim to 707’s pranks a lot. In one of yoosungs bad relationship ending he will crash to 707’s place where they’ll get into various friendly fights on chips.

Jaehee tends to annoy 707 as she often responds to his pranks in cold manner. She doesn’t really hate him neither she wants him to quit RFA or chat room. She respects his intellect and skill set.

V is the most trusted person for 707. He treats him as a father figure and that’s why he trusted V with the safety of Saeran. V was the one who got 707 into secret intelligence agency. When V’s betrayal was revealed 707 got so upset to the point that he nearly Quit RFA.

The security system at Rika’s apartment was also 707 mystic messengers designed. And only he could enter in it.Rika introduced him to hacking by giving him the book on it. Rika along with V took care of saeran and helped 707 to live a life as a secret agent with new name luciel. She kept 707 informed about his brother against the rules of the company. He respected Rika a lot but his opinions took a sharp turn when her dark secret comes to light.

This is all that you need to know about 707 Mystic messenger that will guide you to a better gaming experience. Stay tuned for more information on mystic messenger gameplay.

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